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Check Mark Wiens and his food video here; Mark Wiens - YouTube

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Chef Alyssa Han (Chef A), Our local cooking class is a perfect example of this. Led by a skilled local chef, you'll learn about traditional Thai ingredients and cooking techniques while preparing delicious dishes. You'll also have the chance to visit a local market to pick out fresh ingredients and learn about the different spices and flavours used in Thai cuisine. By the end of the class, you'll have not only learned a new skill but also gained a deeper understanding and appreciation for the local culture.

After moving the cooking class to her countryside home, chef Alyssa wants to support community-based tourism and work with the local guide and farmer markets in KaengKraChan district, Petchaburi; recently named the Unesco City Of Gastronomy. Saturday's tour inside Petchaburi's farm, the old town is available if you are interested in Airbnb hosting and experience. Chef Alyssa and her mountain home are 15 KM from the KaengKraChan district, the World Heritage. It is suitable for tourists in HuaHin/Petchaburi with 50 minutes for a ride.
A car is included for a private class with a full class of 4 people, a car can be arranged to pick you up from HuaHin/Petchaburi. The booking of 1-3 will require the transportation fee if you don't drive your own car to the chef treehouses on the mountains at baht 2K extra to share in the group. 


The itinerary for the experience is as follows:

- 9-9.30 am: Meet at BanRaiKrang, 2023 awards of TAT's Ecotourism Village
- 9.30-10.30 am: Visit the Palm Tree Farm, have some refreshing palm juice,

  and learn how to make palm sugar, and steamed palm fruit cakes
- 10.30-10.40 am: Return to the village
- 10.40-12.30 am: Pick fresh ingredients from the garden to make the toddy palm salad,

   and learn how to make Toddy Palm Salad
- 12.30 pm-1.30 pm: Lunch with Alyssa, where you can chat about recipes and cooking tips.
- 1.30 pm- 2 pm:  Q&A with the
 farmers and Alyssa
- 2.00-5.00 pm: car pick up then visit the KeangKrachan Dam with Alyssa


Explore Kaeng Kra Chan National Park


you have the option to visit KaengKraChan National Park, One of the highlights of Kaeng Kra Chan National Park is its World Heritage status. This designation recognizes the park's unique cultural and natural heritage and the important role it plays in preserving the local ecosystem. Visitors can learn more about the park's significance at the on-site museum, which features exhibits on the park's history and ecology. ( there is the boat ride at 500 baht, an extra fee to support a local rider. Make sure you get Suntan lotion enough:)

Let us know your allergy and dietary requests in advance

**Trip from Bangkok will need the extra hours, car arrangement, and accommodation, please contact the chef in advance including your food and Dietary Requirements.

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