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Sweets and Dessert

Lives alongside the river are the traditional lifestyle of Thai people. When Thai people paddled their boats to offer food to the monks and give them flowers from the river, this creative menu for dessert occurred. The softness of the stems with its crispiness create many different Thai menus with Water lily stems


Ingredients (Serves 5-6 Talai cups)


Lotus Stems                       1 cup

(shred pumpkin/melon can be used)

Rice flour                        ¼ cup

Tapioca flour                    2 tbsp

Coconut cream                    ¼ cup

White sugar                      ¼ cup

Shredded fresh coconut  

¼  cup

Coconut Topping 


Coconut cream                     1  cup

Salt                              ¼  tsp

Palm sugar                       1 tbsp

( 8-10 g)

Corn flour                       1 tbsp

Pandan leaves                     2 ( tied in knot)



Preparation Method

  1. Clean the lotus stem then peel the skin till you can see the white part

  2. Cut the stem into 2inch lengths then soak in salt water for around 10 minutes/optional

  3. Add the rice flour, tapioca flour, and a pinch of salt

  4. Mix all the flour then add sugar and shred coconut milk little by little

  5. Stir the batter until it is incorporated

  6. Squeeze the soaked lotus stems and add to the batter then add half of the shredded coconut. Mix well

  7. Place Talai cups and warm them in a steamer for 5 minutes, ( Talai cup is small sauces 8cm in diameter and 1.5cm deep)

  8. Fill the batter into the cups and leave the room for topping then continue cooking on high heat for 20 minutes

  9. Let the steam cakes set then add the coconut, and palm sugar topping & shred the coconut

How to make coconut topping:

Add the coconut cream to the pot, then mix the corn flour with a whisk, turn on the heat, then add palm sugar, salt, and a knot of Pandan leaves

Cook the sauce with low heat till the sauce gets thicker

Notes / Variations

  • A Talai cup is a small saucer about 8 cm in diameter and 1.5cm deep

Boat Market

Happy Halloween with a little devil coconut, pumpkin soup, October 31, 2016

Ingredients: A little devil coconut, pumpkin soup

Water                           3         cups

Young Galangal thinly sliced    ½         cup

Galangal crushed to break open  1         piece  

Chicken thigh and breast        2+1       pieces

UHT coconut milk                1         box

Kaffir lime leaves              4         leaves

Salt                            ½         teaspoon

Fish sauce                      1       tablespoon

Refined sugar                   1         teaspoon

Lemon juice                     4       tablespoon

Crushed small Thai chili        8          chili

​Cooked pumpkins​                 1          cup



  • Put sliced young galangal along with the crushed galangal in the well-boiled water in a pot

  • Soak the thinly sliced chicken thighs and breasts with orange juice and put them in the boiled water, then add coconut milk and continue cooking until the chicken meat is soft

  • Add shredded kaffir lemon leaves, salt, fish sauce, and sugar

  • Put crushed small Thai chilli into a small bowl of lime juice for use when the soup is served.

  • Sieve all the hard ingredients and get all the coconut soup into the pot

  • Shred the piece of chicken on the strainer into the pot

  • Put in one cup of cooked pumpkins and leave a few pieces to make the stand of a little devil

  • Use the hand blender to blend pumpkins, coconut soup, and shred chicken into the thick creamy soup

  • Put the soup back to boil then have one big chunk of cooked

  • Place the soup into a small bowl

  • Decorate one small piece of the cooked pumpkin-the size of your small finger-with little chili dots, see the left image. 

  • Sprinkle with cut red chilies and coconut cream

The World Best Dish 2010 by ,October 20, 2017 listed 50 World Best Food in 2010 and named Massaman Curry Thailand, No. 1's World Best Dish.

" Emphatically the king of curries, and perhaps the king of all foods. Spicy, coconutty, sweet, and savoury, its combination of flavours has more personality than a Thai election.

Even the packet sauce you buy from the supermarket can make the most delinquent of cooks look like a Michelin potential. Thankfully, someone invented rice, with which diners can mop up the last drizzles of curry sauce.

“The Land of Smiles” isn’t just a marketing catch-line. It’s a result of being born in a land where the world’s most delicious food is sold on nearly every street corner- courtesy of 

FAB-A (Food And Arts By Alyssa) brings the king of curries to the launch of cooking & dining with authentic Thai cuisine and the art of food decoration. It is fun learning, testing, drinking, relaxing, socializing, and discovering the local culture of eating Thai food. 


Does it sound like fun? Join us! And feel free to invite a friend! (more..)

Thai Food, November 2016

Credit: and part of contents...

The ideal Thai meal is a harmonious blend of spicy, subtle, sweet and sour flavours and is meant to be equally satisfying to the eye, nose, and palate. The wonderful essence of authentic Thai food is because of four main Thai herbs. These distinctive tasting herbs are lemongrass, Thai basil, Thai chili, and galangal and they all add nutritional value to our health.

Lemongrass has Citral and Myrcene to cure flu, headaches, and indigestion and strengthen kidneys. Thai basil contains essential oils to cure high fever and elevates symptoms of depression while Thai chilli contains properties of capsaicin and dihydrocapsaicin easing digestion, and diabetes.

Galangal has allicin, allyl propyl, and diallyl trisulfide to relieve the common cold, coughing, and high cholesterol. Thai food is not just delicious... It's nourishing and healthy so we wish you good health while you enjoy the wealth of our wonderful dishes!

Basically, eating Thai food is a communal affair joined by two or more people sharing different dishes. So the greater the number of diners, the greater the number of dishes shared. These dishes are eaten together allowing the diners to enjoy the harmonious tastes of the whole meal. A typical Thai meal should consist of a soup, a fried dish, a hot salad (yam), a curry dish or a dip with fried fish and fresh vegetables. Besides, Thai food is normally served with a variety of condiments and sauces, e.g. fish sauce with chillies and vinegar with chillies.

Click here to read an interesting article by Ninart, Thai Food: The Harmony of Flavors and Health at 

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