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Tuk-Tuk parking by Sanam Luang
Curries at Camden Market London

Reese and Roman, Mother and son from San diego, California, USA

Thank you for providing such a memorable experience. We enjoyed all the tips and information about how to select and use herbs. It was so sweet of you to understand my preference for less sugar. Thank you for teaching us how to cook Thai- now I need to go find all the ingredients in America! and a new wok! Reese

Very very very good experience! Cooking with such a kind expert is a memory I will never forget ! Roman

Taylor Angevine and her husband from, Phonix, USA

This was an amazing experience. Thank you for all of your expertise and for sharing that with us. We really enjoyed the personal feeling of your class. We are really glad that we signed up for this experience !!!
If you ever come to America reach out to us.

Markus and Bear from Austria, on 2 days cooking classes at Chef home kitchen and Market experience

'Great experience

We really loved to be on that market.. so many interesting things to see and ask somebody who knows the answers and translations. The cooking was very nice too! Looking forward to more! We felt comfortable and enjoyed your company 

'A great experience to learn more about Thai culture and cuisine'


There are a lot of cooking classes in Thailand, but I had never tried them because they looked too "touristy" for me. But then one day I met Alyssa, a great chef and a very nice person and I decided to give the experience a try.

I went with my girlfriend and another couple and we really enjoyed the experience. 

First, we had a "market tour": the flower market is amazing. It is worth the visit just by itself!

After that, we went to their cooking area: they are just starting, but everything was well prepared and we had access to all the stuff we needed. The class is designed so you can prepare the dishes you cook back at home (Alyssa provided us with recipes and a list of ingredients that could be found in Europe / Spain). 

The rest of the team was very nice and willing to help.

Probably we will repeat.

Best Cooking Class Ever!

We had the best time with Alyssa. She was very hospitable and patient with all our questions. This was our first day in Bangkok and it'll be very hard to top!
Some of the best food we've ever had (ever!!). We would definitely recommend this experience to anyone and everyone.

Thank you so much, Alyssa, for this amazing experience. You've made this trip already so so so memorable!

Love, Angela and Dyanne (Your favourite culinary students from New York :))

Anthony and Marisa Gamblin from Washington DC, USA, January 18, 2017

This was the best cooking experience I have had. Alyssa was very welcoming and extremely caring and patient in explaining how to make the dishes. We made pad thai and green curry. It was unarguably the best Thai food we ever had! I would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting and looking for a real local cultural experience! 

Brandon and Sari, a honeymoon couple from Canada, Traveling spoon, December 18, 2016

Alyssa was an excellent host. She took us on a tour of her local market, showing us various indigenous ingredients and explaining how to properly select them -- from salted shrimp to produce to rice -- and what we could substitute for them back at home. After the market, we went to her home kitchen where a mise-en-place was waiting for us and she went through a demonstration of how to prepare everything, from as basic as chopping shallots to making curry paste, again explaining what shortcuts could be taken or adjustments could be made in the interest of time and taste. Finally, we went on to cook two dishes ourselves, a green curry and a pork laab, mincing the pork by hand and using some of the fresh curry paste Alyssa showed us how to make. Alyssa really went over and above by also showing us how she makes her version of pad thai, preparing us a sticky rice dessert with Chinese tea, and giving us a small parting gift ("raspberry" rice) as we mentioned the trip was part of our honeymoon. We would not hesitate to recommend Alyssa to anyone looking for an off-the-beaten-track experience. Her home is in a nicer Bangkok suburb, which gives you a chance to see what life is like outside the smog, traffic, and chaos of the city. It's worth noting that she worked internationally (both in Europe and other countries in Asia), so it was very interesting to hear about her own experiences abroad. - Brandon and Sari

Cat Lau, Food Writer · Trained Cook · Hungry Traveler, December 2, 2016 

" Learn to cook with an experienced restaurant chef and master the art of wok cooking in a private class. Alyssa will teach you Thai recipes that she has adapted and created herself. "

I learned recipes that had personality and showed me a different way to cook Thai food. I enjoyed picking herbs and edible flowers from Alyssa’s home garden to use in our cooking. The fried edible flowers that she made into a “som tum” was beautiful and creative. She doesn't just teach you how to cook Thai food, but to put your own personality into the food that you cook.
The cooking class is at Alyssa's house, which is roughly a 30-minute drive from Bang Wa BTS station. Alyssa will pick you up and show you suburban Bangkok. We saw a few temples and stopped at a local market.

Good for: The curious cook who is already familiar with Thai food. People interested in private classes.

Best way to get there: Alyssa will pick you up from Bang Wa 

Karen Fourie Phillips, English teacher at St.Francis Xvier Nonthaburi, Thailand, at the event of Kids Cooking Camp organized by FAB-A, December 10-11, 2016

" What a fabulous experience in peaceful nature, wide open spaces and well-organized activities ranging from preparing mouth-watering coconut ball desserts to the secrets of making spring rolls, preparing seed bombs to catapult back in to the natural vegetation and enjoying the beautiful sand-based river and a huge bonfire!


Nine students mostly between the ages of six and ten were engaged, delighted, having fun learning and contributing to nature - not still for a moment in 36 hours unless asleep!


The morning was spent at a local farm, greeted by drummers and a dancer, all joined in before making clay seed bombs, and enjoying banana-leaf wrapped sticky rice with fruit and coconut as well as other similarly wrapped parcels of Thai custard in two layers and cordial made from flowers and herbs (yellow and purple)


We were all taught how to make "Golden Rolls" on circular plate irons turned in the flame, from coconut batter with sesame seeds and the adults had a turn to make some before enjoying a delicious banquet of Thai fresh produce served on the bank of the scenic river.


A relaxing raft ride of two hours after lunch felt like a couple of minutes and the children still played in the water on swing ropes until dinner with colorful coconut ball dessert made by even the youngest of the students (aged 4)


All the young ones stayed in cottages with parents in a Country Club set in the foothills near a National Park in tranquil surroundings where we relaxed around a log fire while marshmallows were melted to a crisp on long sticks.


The following day all the children with parents in close attendance, made spring rolls as part of a light lunch, having decorated their plates with fresh vegetables after taking catapults to shoot their seed bombs of clay and a few more missiles as well!


The highlight of visiting HM the Late King's Agricultural Project, which will remain with us all, had us in awe before heading for home."

Elka and Narinda from Madagascar, December 6, 2016


Alyssa, thank you so much for your cooking class. This was the best cooking experience we ever had. Thank you for your kindness. The menu was delicious and we would recommend it to our friends and family who would like to learn to cook Thai. We will recommend you for sure! Thank you

Elka and Narinda

Denise and her parents: Paul and Ruth from Switzerland, December 2, 2016

" We had an amazing experience here with Alyssa! We were looking for something personalized with the local person and that was exactly what we got! I kindly asked if we could cook two of my favorite dishes Som Tam & Green curry and Alyssa created a nice personalized cooking class just for us. She showed us a way of cooking we will be able to use at home, she was very helpful and knowledgeable. In the end we had our meals prepared, they tasted really good and I am so happy that I am able to cook Thai on my own and my parents can practice in Switzerland and will be Thai chefs once I get home!

Thank you so much! We appreciate all your efforts, you are great!
We'll come back! :)

Denise and her parents: Paul and Ruth

A couple of friends from Russia; Alena and Daniel at Chef Alyssa Han's Phad Thai cooking class, November 10, 2016

" It was an amazing cooking class! Alyssa offers it in her own very special way! She shows a big passion for it and also that cooking can be fun!  The class is very well organized, everything you need is provided and explanations are clear. You can really enjoy cooking your favourite Thai dishes! And what's important is that it's not only about cooking but also about communication and sharing some cultural and human issues"

P. S. Environment is very nice and quiet. Little bit far but the air is fresh

-Alena Yavorskaya, Prado Jewellery, Surawong, Bangkok 

-Kelly Iverson, food writer and blogger in Bangkok-, November 2, 2016


"With Alyssa, travelers should be prepared for an afternoon of delicious food and laughs. She was super accommodating to my vegetarian needs, which was very important to me. Alyssa is a great company and we had a great day overall. I loved the deep-fried flower balls we prepared and ate - it was so different and delicious. And one of my favorite things she did was make the food dance. “Turn up the heat and make the food dance,” Alyssa said, and she flipped the food inside her wok!"

Linda Walles., Thailand, October 21, 2016

This cooking class was a wonderful experience!!!


it was informative and extremely fun. I would recommend Alyssa to everybody visiting Bangkok. Her cooking skills were fabulous and her English-speaking skills were fabulous also. I had no trouble understanding her.

Withlocals is lucky to have her skills and expertise. This day was the best day of my one week's vacation in Bangkok! Thank you!


Nupura Huatamaki,Director(corporation)Bad ELK, Gua India,

Oct 12, 2016

Alyssa is an amazing cook and did a workshop with her when we both lived in if you in Thailand then look her classes up.

" She has a personalized cooking class with here if you have some friends coming to Thailand and like to book a half-day class with me here is the link:…/85b0e145-3be0-4954-ae3e-b6c779…/and promo video:

- Hien Huynh, Director of, Oct 1, 2016

" With years of experience in both Bangkok and Shanghai, Alyssa's culinary style has developed from true Thai cuisine into a style that is Asian, but with Thai flavours as the backbone to her creations"

- Elodie Badoual, Business Director at, September 30, 2016....

" The quiet and peace of the countryside in in KaengKraChan is what I was needed to decompress from Bangkok. It's a great place to unwind, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and to can get your hands on farming experience. I was Warmly greeted upon arrival by Alyssa and her team. And had an amazing time the whole week-end. The home and property are well kept and very comfortable. The piece of land is wonderful!! You can sit in the garden and watch the sunset or enjoy a morning cup of coffee and the sunrise!! Just relaxing... Picking the vegetables and fruits directly from the garden, learning how to cook those fresh ingredients etc. was a real enjoyable experience".


- David Xiao, the Principle of Shanghai International School-, September 25,2016


Scene of ten years ago in China

For several years that my first time meeting with Thai food and the legend Thai food artist Alyssa, That was a small old school studio at the city centre of Shanghai. Might be over 10 years memory tells Alyssa devoted his full time in spreading Thai culture and food there.

The most differences between Thai food and Chinese Food I believe it is Seasoning. As an old friend of Alyssa, the teenager boy then----me have witnessed how she doing her cuisine down to those diversity amazing leaves. Best of all, green curry chicken and fried morning glory with special Thai shrimp sauce made me the impression.

There is another thing you can’t deny, Alyssa was the first generation who run Thai food restaurant in Shanghai, China.


Channel to Bangkok...

With the wish to Thailand for a trip and discover the original authentic Thai food, I book the ticket last month. Also it must be a wonderful reunion of my family and Alyssa’s. Either the grand palace or the Erawan Shrine was already the have-list destination of tourists all over the world. Took a sky train hang around city of Bangkok it meaningful.

You can easy to find out many food and materials in the market. Trust me your eyes going to be dizzied with thousands of different species.

Restaurant or you can call it food booth splashes every corner of city, county and country. Even when you sitting and chilling on the beach of cha-am you can easily enjoy Thai beer and roosted salty fish.

Here I would like to show my sincere regard and appreciation to the parents of Alyssa, we spend a tremendous beautiful week in Bangkok, Nothanburi, Pechabury and Huahin.

Dude, don’t be hesitate call for an air ticket to Alyssa.


-Monica Chutikunatakit  |  Affiliate Marketing Manager,, September 15, 2016

Alyssa was wonderful. The Ortorkor market is a must-do in Bangkok. We chatted in the car the whole way to her house. Her place was clean and nice, The outdoor venue for carving is beautiful, and the food was amazing. I also love her own twist on Thai tamarind juice.


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