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Community-based tourism is tourism in which local residents invite tourists to visit their communities with the provision of overnight accommodation.

Alyssa KK is located in KaengKraChan Petchaburi province, The Creative City of Gastronomy by Unesco in Thailand. Phetchaburi is the fifth province in Thailand to have earned the UCCN title after Phuket was named a Creative City of Gastronomy in 2015, Chiang Mai a Creative City of Crafts and Folk Arts in 2017, Bangkok a Creative City of Design in 2019 and Sukhothai a Creative City of Crafts and Folk Arts in 2019. Located around 160 km south of Bangkok, Phetchaburi is known for the production of high-quality sea salt and key limes, palm sugar, rose apples, pineapples, and bananas among other items, giving it the nickname ‘City of Three Tastes’ – for salty, sweet and sour. The farm-to-fork practice is also in use in the province, where farmers deliver fresh produce and seafood directly to food outlets and manufacturers as well as local households Watch Mark Wiens on his YouTube video@Toddy Palm Farmsee the Video from AroiPaiTour, Chef X's Journey in Thai

We offer "The Community-Based Tourism" inside Petchaburi province with “Wat Koh Community” which is a community with a history story. has a valuable cultural heritage The craftsmanship of Muang Phet, a carpenter, goldsmith, and painter who left their skills at Koh Temple. including houses, shrines, and buildings in that area There is a charming community way of life, for example, making various kinds of desserts such as sesame crackers, Alua, Thai desserts, etc. Learn about the lives of the people of Wat Koh and the Phetchaburi River. which is an important river in the historical era.

In addition, in the Wat Ko community area, There are still many old wooden houses and buildings from the reign of King Rama 7-8. They are all shaped houses. and perforated patterns at various points of the house that are beautiful, valuable, and still in the same old condition The distance is about 500 meters, but I have learned the history, arts, and culture, the craftsmanship of Muang Phetchaburi. And the way of life of the community of Hua Thanon people in the Wat Ko area as well

The distinctive identity of the Muang Petch community that should not be missed are desserts and ancient recipes. Experience tasting, tasting, and doing while listening to the history of various menus. will make more sense of the well-being of the community In addition, we also stopped by to talk with the host communities along the way who warmly welcomed us.

To experience "The Community-Based Tourism" in Petchaburi, you can Book your accommodation at Alyssa KK with Airbnb/Sunday Creative From Local@Toddy Palm Farm Tour; the price half-day or one-day tour can be arranged with the prices separately on the Live Chat/Contact us

Alyssa will design the proper tour according to your requests from FoodAndArts with the community of KaengKrachan which is more natural and wildlife-orientated or FoodAndArts with the community of Petchaburi town which is a more traditional ritual, and gastronomy orientated. 

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