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Chicken Biryani


Massaman Curry With Jack Fruits Potato Patties is one of the creative desserts adapted from Meat Massaman Curry, which is a rich, flavourful, and mildly spicy Thai curry. It is a fusion dish, combining ingredients from Persia, the Indian subcontinent, and the Malay Archipelago (e.g. cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, star anise, cumin, bay leaves, nutmeg, and mace) with ingredients more commonly used in native Thai cuisine.



Cooking on Barbecue
Beef Massaman curry.jpg

Serves 2

Cooking time 30-40 mins excluding making curry paste time 

For the Massaman curry paste:(15-20 mins)

(the amount can cook for 2 potions of curry and marinate 2 cooked chicken thighs at 300g)

8 dried red Serrano chillies, soak in lukewarm water (40 C) for 40 mins

(can be cut in half at 4 pieces if you do not like spicy)

1tsp toast, cardamom pods

1tsp cinnamon stick

1tsp star anise

1tsp coriander seeds

1tsp cumin seeds

1tsp Nutmeg

1tsp cloves

1tsp white peppercorns

4 fresh coriander roots

1tbsp, toast sliced galangal

2tbsp, toast sliced lemongrass

2tbsp, toast whole shallots

1tbsp, toast baby garlic cloves

Ingredients for Plant-based meat

60 grams, of cooked jack fruit, pad it dry, squeeze the water all out, then mince it
120 grams, of cooked potatoes from the vegetable stock, mashed 
1 tbsp of all-purpose flour, to mix before pan-frying

1 tsp, coriander, minced

1 tsp, garlic, minced

1 tsp, white pepper seeds, grounded

1 tbsp, light soy sauce

1 tbsp, white sugar
1 tsp, Phong Fa Thai J (vegetable powder)

Mix everything in the mixing bowl, knead it then divide it into 100g of each dough then shape it into patties then pan fry till each is cooked, cut half

For the curry: (for 2 portions)

5 pieces of plant-based meat

250ml coconut cream

1/2 cup of vegetable stock (made from 4 potatoes-cut chunks, carrots-cut chunks, 3 bruised coriander roots, 1 onion, and 1 liter of water)

1/2 cup of coconut milk/not coconut cream to adjust the consistency of the sauce

1/2 cup, cooked pumpkin, cut into big chunks

2 tbsp toasted peanuts/cashew nuts

1 tbsp soy sauce

1/2 tbsp palm sugar

1/2 tbsp white sugar 

2 tbsp tamarind concentrate(add half first then add another half if you like more sweet)

6 small shallots/ 1 whole white onion, cut into chunks

2 bay leaves at the last two minutes of cooking

1 tbsp of deep-fried sliced shallots

1 tsp coriander leaves to garnish)

1 tbsp coconut cream to top at the end


1. To make the curry paste, break open three of the cardamom pods and empty the contents into a shallow pan, along with the remaining dry spices, and toast over medium-low heat to release the smells and flavors until the spices begin to brown. Allow to cool, then grind everything, and set aside.  


In a grinder/ food processor, add the ground toast (dried chilies and coriander roots), toast (galangal and lemongrass), toast (garlic and shallots), add water that soaks the dried chilies for 3tbsp and grinds all toast ingredients until you have a fine paste, then set aside.

Add dried spices from above 2 tbsp, put them back into the grinder, and grind them all together again to get Massaman curry paste


2. Bring half of the coconut cream to a boil on high heat until it cracks and releases oils on its surface, then reduce the heat to medium-high, and add 3 tbsp of the curry paste. Stir until combined, cook until fragrant to release the oils, then add the remaining coconut cream to make the sauce. Add potatoes to cook until it gets softer then add shallots and continue to cook through then add vegetable stock. Once the shallots are transparent, add cooked and plant-based meat and use a spoon to gently baste the meat with the liquid. Sprinkle 2 tbsp of peanuts, and heat through for one minute. Reduce the heat to cook all ingredients to reduce nicely. Add coconut milk and season with fish sauce, tamarind, palm sugar, and white sugar. Add cooked pumpkins and continue cooking till the curry sauce is slightly reduced and released more oil, then taste the sauce, add deep-fried shallots and coconut cream then remove from the heat. Add to the bowl, and sprinkle the coriander leaves over the top. Serve with steamed rice.


Viable, using sweet potato adds a nice flavourful twist to this curry, but you can substitute it for a regular potato if you prefer.


If you can’t find coriander roots, use the stems instead; likewise, replace palm sugar with white sugar if necessary.


Add your twist

  • To make the curry paste vegetarian-friendly, in the curry itself, replace the fish sauce with soy sauce, and use tofu instead of chicken.


Leave the leftover Massaman curry paste for another portion of Mussaman curry next time or you can cook 2 portions at the same time but double the ingredients from step 2 to cook in 2 potions

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask with " Lets Chat " Chef Alyssa will answer you accordingly, or email her at

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