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Sweet Pandanus Ball In Coconut Pudding


Sweet Pandanus Ball In Coconut Pudding is one of the creative desserts adapted from Khanom sot sai, also known as Khanom SaiSai(ขนมใส่ไส้)is a Thai dessert with a sweet filling. It is made up of coconut and palm sugar, and the filling is covered with steamed rice flour mixed with coconut cream. It was used at Thai wedding ceremonies in ancient times. It is traditionally packed by wrapping it in a banana leaf.



Chef Alyssa with her clients


One bite of pandan coconut pudding

Traditional way of cooking

Serves 2 (approx 10 pieces)

Cooking time 30-40 mins  

Ingredients for sweet pandan balls

100 ml shredded coconut (choose the mature one)

100 ml crushed coconut palm sugar  

1 piece scent baking candle 

100 g sticky rice flour

60 ml coconut milk

30 ml Padan juice

(cut pandan leaves in 1 cup grind with 1 cup of water in an electric blender then squeeze in the sieve cloth and get only dark green juice)      


How to make the pandan balls:

Mix Shredded coconut and coconut palm sugar in the pan then cook until the ingredients turn brown color and sticky. Put aside till it is cooler. Roll into a 1 cm sweet coconut ball each. 

Mix sticky rice flour, coconut milk, and pandan juice then use clean hand knead into the 0.5-inch balls. Knead the pandan ball into a flat-round shape. Add a sweet coconut ball inside the pandan flat dough then wrap it then mole together into a ball. Make many of them till the dough is finished.


Cook the dough in hot water that brings it to a boil Once all are floated then put them aside


Ingredients of the coconut cream 

250 g coconut milk

1/2 tsp salt

2 tbsp white sugar

25 g rice flour

50 g water

5 g mungbean flour

How to make the coconut cream:

Heat the pan. Add coconut milk, salt, and sugar to the pan and stir till the sugar is dissolved, and bring to a boil. Lower the heat

Mix rice flour, mungbean flour, and water together then mix it thoroughly added to the sweet coconut milk, and stir until it is cooked and turns to a thick cream. Lets it cool then add the coconut moose into the pastry bag then squeeze it into the dessert mold as a bed for the cooked pandan balls. Add the cooked pandan ball inside the coconut moose. Let them set then plate up- see picture 

Any questions, please feel free to ask with " Lets Chat " Chef Alyssa will answer you accordingly, or email her at

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