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Image by Denes Kozma
Image by Ford Stratton

Bann Rai Krang, Community Based Tourism, is located in Moo 5, Rai Sathon Subdistrict, a community with a traditional way of life-based on rice farming and palm sugar production. The community consists of learning sources from the natural classroom, rice fields, and palm groves. The villagers have the responsibility to pass down the way of life of the Rai Kraang village community.

Tourists will experience the wisdom of transforming toddy palm into various products, the process of producing goods from toddy palm, nature learning activities in the toddy palm forest, admiring the three-peak coconut trees, and the art of palm leaf weaving. Additionally, they can taste the sweetness of pure fresh palm sugar.

The Rai Kraang village community also stands out for creatively using various parts of toddy palm to craft unique local dishes, such as boiled nodal head curry and shrimp paste chili dip, served with fresh vegetables from the community garden like water mimosa, pumpkin, and winged bean. Furthermore, there are tempting sweets to sample, including ripe toddy palm cakes, fried toddy palm cakes, and golden rolls, all made from authentic toddy palm sugar.

Another significant tourist attraction of the Rai Kraang village community is the "Hua Lao Rice Field," located at the border of Ban Yang District and Ban Lad District. It offers a beautiful panoramic view of the community surrounded by rice fields and rows of toddy palm trees, with a prominent elongated hill in the background.

The Food And Arts of Ecotourism in Petchaburi will start in October 2023. For more info, Live chat or leave your contact info at contact us

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