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Campfire Meal

How do you book FAB-A Tours experiences with us? 

It’s easy to make bookings for the "FoodAndArtByAlyssa ( FAB-A) Tour"  


1 Food And Arts Tour And Cooking Experience Weekend Getaways

1.1) Book accommodation at the chef's house minimum of 2 people with 2 nights from

    Friday to Sunday click AIRBNB OR more than 2 people please Contact us!


1.2) And Toddy Palm CBT Tour And Visit the Dam on AIRBNB  Saturday OR here!

1.3) Then Book the FoodAndArts Tour On Wheel on Sunday here!

1.4) One-day tour, Local Tour with the Local Guide in KaengKraChan, Please Contact us!   

2 Book the Mountain's Candle Light Dinner, Please Contact us!


2.1) Read the details of common questions about hiring A Private Chef click here!

2.2) You see details of the chefs here at ChefAlyssaHan and chat with them/emails  

3 We can customize your FoodAndArt Weekend Getaways!

  For more details, please leave a message on Let's Chat,

  email: at +66988258420  

  For Chinese Mandarin, please add WeChat 中文交流请加微信



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