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 The Art of Survival To

"Aventure Camp"

at KarngKrachan, Petchaburi

1st day Survival Camp_191203_0058_edited

Food and Arts is a weekend getaway for 2 days alternating with ecotourism week to the mountain of KaengKrachan. You will enjoy your weekend (Saturday and Sunday), 2.5 hours driving out to the hills of KeangKraChan, Petchaburi province. The first day will provide you with a workshop on "Arts of Survival by BangkokFirstAid/Yoga/Qigong Martial Art"; depending on the availability of the instructor. Sunday is a free day to visit the ChangHuaMan agricultural project of the late King Rama the 9th of Thailand.

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The activities of "The Art of Survival by Bangkok First Aid"

9.30-10 am: Welcome, check-in Camp Base at KaengKrachan Country club 

10-11 am: Camp & Shelter workshop Shelters 3 types (Hammock mosquito net, bamboo igloo, 
bamboo  roof tiles)
How to tie different and complex knots CPR workshop

11-12 am: How to prepare for a Trekking Geolocation (paper maps, Google Earth, Google maps, GPS, smartphone applications)
Local Wildlife Jungle South East of Asia (internet Wealth er forecast (internet)Equipm ent Bag pack Health Personal Health Check (preexisting medical conditions,
 allergies, medications)
Equipment First Aid Kit

12.00 hrs: Lunch picnic and Water management, food management

1-3 pm: Trekking in the Jungle (Movement to Camp Base II)
1.5-hour Trekking in the jungle with stops for skills 
Navigation(Sun, watch with arrows, stick, and shadow, 
makeshift compass with a needle)Snake bites management Hyperthermia (Dehydration, Heat exhaustion, He at a stroke)Hypoglycemia

3-5 pm: First Aid workshop at Camp Base II (Bamboo forest in

the jungle. Serious bleeding management + bandaging + shock management Spinal injury management Splints for dislocations and fractures Slings for broken arms

5-5.30 pm: Movement to Camp Base I at KeangKraChan Country Club

5.30-6.15 pm: First Aid Workshop at Camp Base I: Burns

management, Choke management Poisoning g management
Insect bites management (mosquitos, bees, spiders, scorpions)

 + anaphylactic shock

6.15-7 pm: Fire at Camp Base I
Fireplace Tinder Good combustibles Methods (solar, percussion, friction)


7-8.30 pm: BBQ Dinner

RECONDITIONING, CEREMONY: Diploma ceremony and conclusion of the course 


Reservations: Standard price is baht 4,500 baht (145 USD) per person! For more information, email to or Book the experiences here


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